Relief Care


Short Term Plan

4-8 Personalized Treatment Sessions

Focused on Providing Relief

Acupuncture Treatments


Corrective Care


Long-Term Plan

8+ Personalized Treatment Sessions

Preventing Condition From Resurfacing

Acupuncture Treatments








Cupping Session


Herbal Exams


Modify Herbs


Gua Sha Session


Foot Soak & Bag


10 Pack of Foot Soaks (Basic Package Deal)


20 Pack of Foot Soaks (Plus 5 Free – $25 Value)


30 Pack of Foot Soaks (Plus 12 Free Best Value)


The Meditation Bundle 


12 for 10 Foot Soak Package

Includes Several Packs of Tea

Complete Breathing Therapy Instructions


Reviews On Google

Acupuncture & Wellness Inc.

“My body doesn’t respond well to western medicine so on my hormone and fertility journey I have been utilizing other methods. My feminine cycle was unpredictable and unhealthy for over ten years and is now becoming more regular like it used to be in high school because of my weekly accupuncture visits, healthy diet, and high quality suppliments. Hopefully we will have success with a pregnancy soon.”

– Tasha

Acupuncture & Wellness Inc.

I’d been fighting a terrible neck and shoulder problem for years… The chiropractor never got results. My physician wanted to make an incision in the muscles to relax them… Dr. Clark was able to do what nobody else could. After 5 visits, I no longer flare-up, I have a full range of motion, and I’m in better spirits. Highly recommended, especially if you’ve tried other methods and aren’t getting the results you need.

– Mike

Acupuncture & Wellness Inc.


Acupuncture & Wellness Inc.


Acupuncture & Wellness Inc.


Acupuncture & Wellness Inc.


Acupuncture & Wellness Inc.


Acupuncture & Wellness Inc.


Acupuncture & Wellness Inc.


Acupuncture & Wellness Inc.


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