Are looking for unique baby names for your newborn?

Here is the list of unique baby names for your baby boys or baby girls! 

100 unique baby names in utah 1
  1. Afton
  2. Amir
  3. Andre
  4. Andres
  5. Braxton
  6. Camden
  7. Cameron
  8. Dale
  9. Dallen
  10. Darwin
  11. Dominick
  12. Easton
  13. Edwin
  14. Eldon
  15. Gabriel
  16. Gael
  17. Giovanni
  18. Hansen
  19. Hardin
  20. Hayden
  21. Hector
  22. Ian
  23. Irving
  24. Irwin
  25. Keegan
  26. Korver
  27. Kyler
  28. Kyson
  29. Layne
  30. Lorin
  31. Lyle
  32. Mckade
  33. Moshe
  34. Nephi
  35. Noe
  36. Porter
  37. Raymond
  38. Rene
  39. Rhett
  40. Roderick
  41. Salvatore
  42. Sidney
  43. Tate
  44. Taysom
  45. Thayne
  46. Tomas
  47. Treyson
  48. Tristan
  49. Tyrone
  50. Yale
100 unique baby names in utah 2
  1. Anne
  2. Arline
  3. Ashlynn
  4. Betsy
  5. Chanel
  6. Charleen
  7. Charlotte
  8. Cheryl
  9. Doreen
  10. Eileen
  11. Flaren
  12. Rylor
  13. Emery
  14. Flona
  15. Gilmore
  16. Halle
  17. Heleen
  18. Jana
  19. Jeanne
  20. Kailee
  21. Kayla
  22. Kyra
  23. Leah
  24. Lorraine
  25. Lydia
  26. Lynette
  27. Maile
  28. Mailyn
  29. Maryann
  30. Maryann
  31. Mauryn
  32. Maya
  33. Mei
  34. Oakley
  35. Robyn
  36. Rory
  37. Rosaleena
  38. Rose
  39. Roselyn
  40. Sally
  41. Savannah
  42. Suzanna
  43. Tia
  44. Tiare
  45. Tina
  46. Verla
  47. Violeta
  48. Yinnie
  49. Yvette
  50. Yvonne


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