Covid Long Haulers

No Longer Do Covid ‘Long-Haulers’ Have to Suffer From the After Effects of Covid-19…

Announcing Actual & Effective Treatments for “Long-Haulers"

Your Lingering Symptoms Aren’t Being Properly Treated For Effective Results

Doctors Just Don’t Know

Western modern medicine just doesn’t understand or know how to treat for lasting results to these new effects to those who are experiencing lingering symptoms or known as long-haulers. Most of the time their go-to solution is just pushing pills on their patients to suppress symptoms, but never target the actual problem.

Hopeless Healthcare

If western medicine has come up with outstanding cures for numerous viruses in short time periods, then why can’t they figure out how to treat ‘Long-Haulers’ effectively? This leaves many people hopeless and struggling to see the benefit of living life while in so much pain and discomfort from the effects of the coronavirus.

More Obstacles to Face

The problem doesn’t just stop at your health though. Life is brutal and even the strongest of human-kind faces outrageous obstacles that can leave them in difficult positions. Now add an unknown condition, which leaves those of us unable to do the simple tasks of life, on top of the problems of the world. There seems to be no end to the torcher and struggle…

However, there is a solution that hasn’t gotten the recognition and publicity that people need and deserve to know! 

‘Long-Haulers’ Now Have a Solution that Will Leave you Shocked!

The Solution for ‘Long-Haulers’

The Solution is an ancient medicinal practice that doesn’t get much attention even though it has provided more effective relief from lingering symtpoms than western medicine has. The proper solution lies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) where you receive personalized treatment that targets your personal conditions and not just handing out the generalized pill-popping method.

Natural & Noninvasive

TCM consists of natural and noninvasive treatments of herbal remedies, breathing exercises, professional personalized acupuncture, and other oriental methods. The practice of TCM has been proven to improve numerous patients like those who are considered ‘Long-Haulers.’

More Effective Results

Thanks to TCM practitioners, these treatments end up leaving you with better and longer-lasting results with your pain level which allows you to truly take control back over your life! We’ve seen the effects it has had on a multitude of people including those who have the unknown aftermath of the newest virus!

My Journey to Improve People’s Lives

Daniel’s Dad

When I was a teenager, my father was diagnosed with the Epstein-Barr Virus. For eight years my father visited doctors, took the prescribed medications, and suffered from the many side effects, with no real improvement. After years of pain and hopelessness, a friend referred him to a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in Las Vegas. After only a few personalized treatments and the use of a prescribed herbal formula, my father was free of the virus! 

Healing Holistic Healthcare

Not only did my father have more energy than he had before the virus, but was able to function more effectively at work, enjoyed participating with his family more, and relished in hobbies that he greatly missed. Watching my dad go through this experience and then seeing how the body can be healed through more holistic methods, without the side effects, sparked my interest in becoming a holistic healer myself.

Certified Care & Confidence

I went on to attend the Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I graduated with honors in 2003. Since 2006, when I opened Lotus Spring Acupuncture and Wellness, I have enjoyed treating my family and friends where I’ve seen the results that come from allowing the body to heal itself through alternative medicine. Overall, my goals have been to help the community improve their health through patient education, acupuncture, oriental medicine, as well as other alternative methods. This is no different for those who have a condition that western medicine can’t explain. Just know that I know what I’m doing and can help you on your journey to recover too!

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