New Patients Introduction

For our new patients, follow our instructions below to prepare for your first visit. If you are also interested in reading about our office history and how we work, download our patients packet.


In this new patient information packet, we’ll be going over several details that will better assist your knowledge and understanding of how we run things here at Lotus Spring Acupuncture & Wellness Inc.

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“Good health is a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Learn more about how acupuncture can benefit your current well-being!

How to prepare for your First Visit?

Eat before you come

Eat something before your acupuncture treatment. If you come in hungry, we may have to limit what we do because acupuncture stimulates your body’s innate ability to heal itself, which requires energy. Having nutrition and energy provides your body with something to work with. Ideally, you have eaten 1-2 hours before your visit. If less, eat a light meal or snack. A full meal right before your visit may cause you to feel uncomfortable during your treatment.

Wear loose clothing

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and minimal jewelry because this will make it easier for the practitioner to provide the best care. Dress prepared, bring your own set of comfortable clothing, or offer hospital gowns for your convenience.

Avoid coffee + energy drink

Caffeine can increase your body’s fight-or-flight response, aka stress. So try not to drink these stimulants for at least two hours before your visit for maximum benefits.

Aim to arrive early

Arrive 10-15 min early for your appointment and give yourself time to relax. Acupuncture works better when you are relaxed.

Plan after treatment

Have a resting plan after your treatment. Especially, try not to overbook yourself on the day of your appointment. For the best results, try to limit strenuous activities for 3-4 hours after our treatment.


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Begin to relieve your symptoms to help you start living your best possible life.

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Correct the underlying causes of the problems that made you seek treatment in the first place to ensure they don’t return.

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Train your body to take over the care of your systems and self-heal.

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Maintain your new health and make sure you remain symptom-free.


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Your medical background tells us about your current health issue. At Lotus Spring Acupuncture, we use traditional methods (tongue and pulse diagnosis) and additional physical examination to determine your current body’s health; then we design a specific treatment that can address your particular condition.

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You are reclaiming your body’s natural ability to heal through our acupuncture treatment. Any disturbances in the Qi-energy (your current energy flow) in your body might cause illness. Our goal is to offer a relaxation process for our patients to minimize their stress levels during our acupuncture sessions.

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Many patients get a good sleep and wake up feeling more energized because acupuncture points stimulate healing and promote physical/emotional well-being. When too much pressure on a nerve cause burning sensations, thin acupuncture needles help the nerves and muscles to relieve pain and tension.

“I have enjoyed treating my family and friends and seeing the results that come from allowing the body to heal itself through alternative medicine. My goal is to help the community improve their health through patient education, acupuncture, and oriental medicine, as well as other alternative treatments.”


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