9 natural ways to boost fertility and help you to get pregnant

Infertility brings heartache and stress to many couples who want to build their families.

Infertility issues affect 1 in 8 couples that the National Fertility Association reported.

To conceive a healthy baby without any medication involvement, the mother can try many natural ways to boost fertility to become healthier and increase her chance of getting pregnant. 

Here are 9 natural ways to boost fertility and help you to get pregnant faster.

Balance your blood sugar

Keeping our sugar balance is the KEY to a healthier hormone function. But, first, our blood sugar levels need to be neutral. As a result, a function cell called the eta islet in the pancreas spikes to excrete the hormone insulin. Sometimes, These beta cells overreact, releasing the insulin residue that might harm a woman’s eggs.

On the other hand, low blood sugar might cause your body to produce more stress hormones, damaging progesterone production.

Many good habits help to keep your blood sugar remains steady. Of course, we can always focus on nutrient-dense meals with an ideal mix of protein, fat fiber and reduce stress. In addition, we are prepping our body for a healthy cycle, conception, and using natural ways to boost fertility and eventually lead to pregnancy.

Consume nutrient-rich meal / adjust your diet

Talking about your diet is also natural ways to boost fertility, a study has found that eating a smaller breakfast, and larger dinner improves fertility, changing our eating habits is one of the natural ways to boost fertility. However, skipping breakfast won’t benefit your overall well-being, but a big breakfast can lead to PCOS symptoms and increase insulin and testosterone levels. Our body needs to be balanced. As a result, an exceeding amount of insulin can cause infertility. We are focusing on the best way to help you in your fertility journey.

Eat more micronutrients and organic real food

Proper diet and healthy organic raw materials are fuel for your body. Your body needs to create positive energy, which comes from the nutrient you’ve consumed.

Stress hormones are released when you don’t obtain enough energy from your diet. As a result, mood swings happen, which leads to additional stress and infertility.

It is recommended to consume whole organic food because it reduces contact with endocrine-disrupting chemicals and assures nutritional richness due to a shorter transit time.

Reduce the consumption of alcohol and caffeine

Coffee and alcohol may be a part of your lifestyle. You don’t have to quit this habit altogether. However, limiting your practice and drinking with caution can save you in your pregnancy journey.

Many caffeine and alcohol substances have been proven to contribute to fetus defects when you are on your journey. Also, overconsumption can cause stress your hormone levels to rise. 

However, using both in moderation in your daily lives when you are not pregnant is okay for your hormone health.

Get more sun exposure

Increasing your exposure to sunlight is critical for your fertility and hormone health. Women’s fertility can be boosted by the D3 vitamin, which is obtained naturally from the sun, or by taking supplements if they are deficient in D3.

Put on sunscreen first, and then go for a walk outside a couple of times each week. The sun is our best friend, it is the best source to practice natural ways to boost fertility.

Avoid getting contact with toxin products

In order to get pregnant naturally by using natural ways to boost fertility, sonsuming or contacting with the toxic chemicals can harm yourself and your fertility journey. Many of your everyday products contain bioaccumulative toxins that can create residues that are tracing in our systems indefinitely, causing disease-causing free radical damage and interfering with the body’s natural hormone production, resulting in imbalances and health problems like infertility, heavy periods, thyroid disease, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, and cysts.

Manage stress

Managing stress is the key level to balancing your hormone. When your body becomes too stressed, cortisol level will tell your body to lower your estrogen and progesterone level and prioritize stress response first. As a result, your ovaries cannot over blockage that could cause infertility. 

Exercise more and move regularly

Exercising is another strategy to reduce stress. Physical activities are also beneficial to your general health and hormone wellness. Instead of diving into an aggressive action to lose weight, a low-impact workout might be a fantastic place to start in your daily routine.

Losing weight is a process, immersing your body in proper exercising, training yourself consistently. However, getting too caught up in the beauty trend can lead to sadness in your self-image, increased stress, and poor nutrition.

There is nothing better than getting healthy and practice natural ways to boost fertility.

Transition off the usage of hormonal birth control

If you’re currently trying to conceive, this may seem obvious, but for those of you who are planning on having a baby; you can decrease to stop using chemical birth control because this practice may increase your chances of getting pregnant in the future.

Birth controls have resulted in estrogen and progesterone blockage in your receptors, and as the result, they can disrupt your fertility.

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