Anger causes headaches – symptoms of a migraine

When a migraine strikes, it is more than just a headache. It is like comparing a spring breeze to a freezing blizzard. For some reason, anger causes headaches is a concern among the patient. 

Anger can harm the brain and body physically and psychologically, especially, can anger causes headaches? Because the pressure, in particular, drives the hormonal chemicals to rage through the body’s circulation. When you get angry, muscles in the back of your neck and scalp tense up; this causes a tightness sensation around your head. 

When you’re upset, the muscles in the back of your neck and scalp tighten up, causing stiffness in your head. 

In some cases, too much tension in your head can also lead to migraine headaches. However, migraines are more ruthless than tension headaches in that the pain is often severe and pulsating. Because anger causes headaches, there is research on this subject. 

Symptoms of a Migraine : Causes and Effect

Migraine is a common headache disorder that either internal or external factors can cause. In 2021, the University of Medical Sciences in Iran, a group of Ph.D. and MS studied a link between emotional intelligence and anger causes headaches in chronic migraine patients. Results show that patients with migraine scored lower on emotional intelligence, using Bradberry and greaves test and the provocation inventory.

An emotional intelligence person is when you can manage your emotions. But, more importantly, you can express generously to other people under pressure because an emotionally intelligent person does not take your anger out on somebody, you can even control the symptoms of anger causes headaches. 

When your stress happens frequently, it is the root of psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. When you are stressing, you cannot control your emotions, leading to anger causes headaches and migraine. 

Your emotional intelligence level, in particular, might influence your stress level. For example, higher emotional intelligence has been related to better communication skills, effective anger management, and lower stress and anxiety levels to prevent anger causes headaches symptoms.

According to the study’s findings, individuals with lower emotional intelligence test scores are more likely to be chronic migraine patients, and express their anger causes headaches. While healthy adults score higher in their emotional intelligence test and there is evidence that these adults have higher satisfaction with their lives. Emotional intelligence adults improve their health outcomes through adaptive coping techniques and the capacity to regulate negative consequences of stress. 

Stress contributes to negative feelings in your daily life, reducing your ability to control your emotions efficiently. 

Stress is a critical condition that contributes to the development of chronic pain. Moreover, the mechanisms that trigger anger and pain are unpleasant emotions; these factors interact with complicated biological, emotional, and behavioral systems. 

Can anger causes headaches?

Previous research has shown that anger negatively impacts chronic pain, treatment results, and social relationships. Anger causes you to lose control of yourself, which lead to higher blood pressure and cause perpetuated pain. Frequent anger expression patterns, particularly anger-in, may impact the day-to-day adjustment of chronic illness patients. Especially in fibromyalgia patients, many reported suppressing their anger for a long time. 

The direct cause of the headache is not anger. However, it is the state of your anger and what it does to the body. When you get angry, more tense muscles get tightened up. As a result, anger management is essential to maintain a healthy and quality life of chronic pain. 

Mood swings, exhaustion, and brain fogs are often associated with migraine. Sometimes, you may not know the cause of the attack. However, if we find some control factors, we can prevent some pain.  

Tempting to lower the anger is not a quick process. Severe tension headache can cause migraine. Besides thinking about pain medication, there are many alternative methods to help you not get too much involvement in over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol or Advil.

One method that we could think of is seeking holistic healthcare. Especially, acupuncture is an excellent therapy to calm your body’s meridian system. Acupuncture inserts needles on your nerves to relax them since anger generates tension in your nerves and blood pressure.


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