Natural Common Cold Home Remedies

Breezy calms down the scorching summer heat, then the sky becomes murkier, and the trees put on their orange coats before pouring out their leaves, leaving their branches alone in the wind. Finally, seasonal changes in the direction of the northeast monsoon bring out the common cold peaking in the autumn and winter.

Cold air droplets carry along with viral infection entering your body, stuffing your nose, itching your throat, and causing a mild headache. Most of the common cold symptoms occur after 2 to 3 days of exposure to the virus. Typically, people with a strong immune system can recover from the common cold after a couple of weeks. So, by using natural common cold home remedies, in addition to preventing the common cold, which significantly influences our daily lives, we should be prepared to fight off for the next unwelcome visitor.

Homemade supplement nutrients

Oriental doctor shares some great use of herbal and natural approaches. We can find many remedies in our own home or at our local supermarket.

We can take a holistic approach to healing, and treatment through Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches such as acupuncture, a healthy and herbal diet, meditation, massage therapy, and physical exercise.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes in the balance of the body’s energy flow. More specifically, it is the idea of yin and yang, when cold wind and warm wind are flowing inside your body. These two opposing forces yet complimentary energies that comprise life and energy. In this case, when you have a common cold (感冒 gan mào) or later on can develop into severe flu ( 流行性感冒 Liúxíng xìng gan mào), these symptoms are believed to be caused by the energy disruptive in your body or taking control by the cold factor.

We should understand that your body needs more “warm energy” to balance the force from a holistic perspective.

The list below shows many alternative remedies rather than western medication that can help you boost your immune system or ease any cold symptoms.

These common cold home remedies are known to be “Warm factors” that can help to reclaim your body’s equilibrium and balance.

Winter remedies for better winter health.

Shēngjiāng / Ginger (生姜)

Ginger is a type of “Yang” herb that brings back warm energy, and with its pungent flavor, protects us from any cold triggers. When ginger is a popular ingredient in East Asia, Africa and exists in the western spice racks, we know many health benefits that ginger can bring to the table.

Because ginger is an anti-microbial organic extract, many people use it to cure respiratory issues, inflammation, and rheumatism. Ginger also helps with better digestion and relieves nausea.

Dà Suàn / Garlic (大蒜)

Garlic is used to improve digestion, reducing blood fat and anti-oxidant significantly; garlic remedies can ease the symptom of the common cold. In addition, Garlic is an organosulfur component that has been shown in clinical trials to be effective against bacteria and chronic infection. Also, its active ingredients are used wisely in antibiotics.

A study by the Committee on Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, Taiwan, has found that Garlic has many active components to help with the analysis of stopping the spreading of cancer such as anti-carcinogenic, anti-proliferative, anti-metastasis, anti-oxidant, and immunomodulatory properties.

Many great uses of Garlic have been involved in ancient practice, but modern Medicine has integrated it into the research and development of new drugs.

Jiāng Huáng / Tumeric (姜黄)

Turmeric is a bright yellow spice that is frequently used to add taste to enhance the flavor of our dishes. Curcumin in turmeric has been found to have remarkable health benefits; its anti-inflammatory and oxidative stress reductions have shown many possibilities for further research and development of better drugs and treatments.

Doses of Turmeric in clinical trials to prevent heart diseases by the Southern California Hospital Heart Institute have shown some positive effects of curcumin. Their outcomes were that curcumin dosage had decreased total cholesterol and lipid peroxides increase high-density lipoprotein, which means curcumin acts as an active ingredient to regulate blood flow and low-density lipoprotein (bad protein) storage promotes excretion.

Another study by the Department of Neurology in Sepulveda, California, was involved in treating Alzheimer’s disease; they have shown some supports that curcumin improves memory, mood, and focus ability.

Spices and herbs are a fantastic way to flavor many of your dishes, and also they are natural components to cure and ease many illnesses. So before thinking about taking antibiotics, we could find many healthy ingredients just in our own homes.

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