Fibromyalgia Temperature Sensitivity: Hot & Moist (Tropical)

Hot & Moist Temperatures/Climates (Tropical)
Hot & Moist Temperatures/Climates (Tropical)

Fibromyalgia Introduction Series by Lotus Spring Acupuncture & Wellness Inc.

Fibromyalgia Temperature Sensitivity can include a wide variety of weather types such as Hot & Moist. If you live in a moist and warm environment, and your internal Microbeam has become to trap call, what happens inside the body is what is called “damp fire” in Chinese medicine. When people have food retention, it leaves piles of debris behind. When your gut gets too moist and compact, it creates conditions similar to a compost fire. While people don’t tend to catch fire, they can get a low-grade fever and chronic inflammation that is associated with a host of chronic diseases.

Hot and humid climates grow mold. To prevent your body from getting a fungal overgrowth, you need to improve water metabolism. When water sits in the space outside of your cells at 98.6°F, pathogenic microbes begins to proliferate. Your body will try to kill them off through your inflammatory response. This can give you a low-grade fever of unknown origin. Many people with chronic low fever are actually in a slow state of composting and the body is fighting in vain to stop it. Although exercise can help, the body is sodium potassium pumps are already overloaded, so exercise will tend to make people feel tired. The increased inflammatory reaction in the body also makes it easier for joints to ache. This further immobilize people and keeps them from exercising. The majority of modern people have an excess of dampness and heat which can contribute to type to fibromyalgia pain.

When it comes to dampness and heat in the body, the most important strategy is to drain off the extra water. Reducing water retention is used through bitter and bland foods to increase urination. To land flavor, use pungent foods to increase sweating and further dry the body. Generally, you want to enjoy a few were salty, sour, and sweet foods. Instead introduce more foods which are bitter, sour and slightly pregnant. Some examples could include ginger, garlic, sauerkraut, and kimchi. The goal is to still keep your body balanced and functioning as possible. Activities to increase sweating, urination, and defecation can be beneficial. Sauna, getting appropriate sunlight, and stomach massages are also great activities that can increase your body’s balance and health.

Fibromyalgia temperature sensitivity to hot & moist climates can take a toll on your body. Like we shared before the nervous system is being affected during these after-effects. One of the areas that it responds to the digestive tract. So some of the plants that will want to ingest to be able to help create a solution for this would include those that stay dry and avoid writing. Vegetables and other appropriate spices could include; watercress, cocktails, rice, water pepper, water spinach, wasabi, lettuce, water chestnuts, taro, Chinese water chestnut, Peter Greene, mushrooms, pearl barley, Job’s tears, rye, bitter melon, and winter melons.

Mushrooms are among the most plateable better foods. There are also some of the most useful for maintaining a balanced microbiome. Mushrooms break things down. That’s what they do for a living. Not just leftovers in the fridge, but toxic waste, oil sludge, and radioactive materials. Mushrooms and fungi are being used to repair damaged ecosystems and renew polluted environments through a process called mycoremediation.

In conclusion, Andrew Miles shares in his book “the Fibro Bible,” that world-renowned microbiologist Paul Stamets explains that “fungi recycled plants after they die and transform them into rich soil. If not for mushrooms and fungi, the earth would be buried in several feet of debris, and life on the planet with soon disappear.” As we have always emphasized, if your body is experiencing these temperature sensitivities, then at least now you know your body is a little out of whack and imbalanced based on your fibromyalgia. Personalized acupuncture, herbal treatments, and Chinese medicinal methods are your chance at a better life. Please don’t hesitate to call our office to schedule your first visit consultation to discuss how we can help you overcome your fibromyalgia.

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