Fibromyalgia Temperature Sensitivity: Cold & Moist (Rainforest)

Hot & Moist Temperatures/Climates (Temperate Rainforest)

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This type of fibromyalgia sensitivity to hot & moist climates, is based upon if you live in a moist and cool region or if your internal microbiome has become too moist and cool. There are certain areas of the body that should be swampy, but when this extends in the areas which are meant to be dry, it creates problems. Sedentary living reduces fluid metabolism. This can lead to water retention. When the internal microbiome becomes cold and damp, it overloads your water transport mechanisms. Cool weather overall slows the collective metabolism.

It doesn’t matter how much water you are drinking. What is important is that your body is distributing all of the water you absorb. Any fluid left behind makes your body soggy. This can cause your body to begin slowly riding like an old tree in forest. Some of the key signs of cold dampness in the microbiome include; first (when people have dampness, they will typically lose their sense of thirst and a half to remind themselves to drink water), you’re in (clear and frothy, possibly cloudy), stools (tendency towards sloppy or sticky stools), discharge (white), fungal infections (tendency to get fungal infections: toenail fungus, sinus infections, yeast infections, jock itch, athletes foot, chronic mucus, thrush), skin (weeping rashes, acne on the inside of the legs, edema), sleep (sleep obstruction, snoring, or sleep apnea), temperament (Tired, lethargic), tongue color (pale), tongue shape (fat with marks on the side where the tongue is pushing into the teeth. This shows reduced water metabolism and increased extracellular fluid), and tongue coating (Possibly with a thick white coding).

In a temperate rainforest setting, the flowers bloom and fruits ripen, but more modestly than their tropical counterparts. There is less density of life and less competition than the tropics. To increase the density while also helping your body regulate water transportation mechanisms is essential. In order to be able to combat this cold and damp internal cause, we can focus on helping areas that are meant to be dry and areas that are meant to be moist, be just that. Some of the solutions that we have to help dry out those moist areas that are meant to be dry include; increasing sweating, urination, and defecation. Generally, saunas are very appropriate along with sunlight and stomach massages.

To be able to attack this from the inside, your gut is going to need to dry out the water by warming the body through Sichuan peppercorn, ginger, pepper, chili peppers, garlic, cumin, and kimchi spices. You can also warm the body through tees which are slightly spicy and are known for settling the stomach. These tears include Pu-er tea, Black tea, and Ginger tea. Other dietary changes or effective meats that can be applied include creatures that have the chemical structure to deal with a cold and damp climate. These types of meats include river fish, elk, pheasant, deer, beef, and chicken. However, your diet is not limited to just meats. Plants are the best way to be able to attack the gut and regulate it properly very fast. Freshwater aquatic plants are the best. They must have incredible water transport mechanisms to stay dry and avoid riding. If you don’t have these use other vegetables and add the appropriate spices. These can include watercress, lotus, pearl Barkley, cocktails, water chestnut, Job’s tears, rice, taro, rye, water pepper, Chinese water chestnut, water spinach, wasabi, and bitter green vegetables.

Recipes for this type of sensitivity can be also found in the “the Fibro Bible” by Andrew Miles. Please note much of this information is provided from this resource. Whether online or through our clinic, you can also purchase the “The Fibro Bible,” by Andrew miles which will have several directions for recipes and sauces that you can make for these purposes. As we have always emphasized, if your body is experiencing this fibromyalgia sensitivity to hot & moist climates or temperatures, then at least now you know your body is a little out of whack and imbalanced in based on your fibromyalgia. Personalized acupuncture, herbal treatments, and Chinese medicinal methods are your chance at a better life. Please don’t hesitate to call our office to schedule your first visit consultation to discuss how we can help you overcome your fibromyalgia.


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