Fibromyalgia Introduction Series by Lotus Spring Acupuncture & Wellness Inc.

When it comes to fibromyalgia type four, think of having a bruise that won’t go away. Remember the tenderness and the way it fatigues the local muscle. Now extend this bruise to the entire body and mix it with the pain of menstrual cramps or fibroids, and you begin to get an idea of how devastating this type of pain can be. It’s important to note that these prostaglandins, when are imbalanced or “dysregulated”, affect the areas that function as signaling molecules which are important mediators of pain, fever, and inflammation responses. Creating this scenario, the signals being sent to the brain can be changed upon the intensity of the pain and also the healing process of the part of the body that is being affected.

Another way that this is affecting the body is through platelet adhesions which can be associated with chronic inflammation and pain. A platelet disorder affects normal blood clotting. This is where the bruising takes place, and the body isn’t sending enough blood cells to the affected areas to properly heal the body. With the imbalance of the mediators for pain, fever, and inflammation responses come chaos in the body, known as chronic inflammation. With chronic inflammation, your body is on high alert all the time. This prolonged state of emergency can cause lasting damage to your heart, brain, and other organs. For example, when inflammatory cells hang around too long in blood vessels, they promote the buildup of dangerous plaque. The most common signs that you even have chronic inflammation include fatigue, fever, mouth sores, rashes, abdominal pain, and chest pain.

For fibromyalgia type four and its severity, a sophisticated blend of herbs is necessary to be able to improve circulation and regulate prostaglandins. The main parts in areas that we target with acupuncture and these herbal treatments, would include reducing the synthesis of prostaglandins, alleviating the pain through herbs and acupuncture for long-term pain, regulate dopamine, wound healing, blood vessel formation, increase vascular endothelial growth factor, increased cellular immunity and significantly reduce elevated interleukin, and many more.

The key signs and symptoms that you may be experiencing for this type of fibromyalgia can include; pain that’s worse in the morning, accompanied with morning stiffness, sharp and stabbing pain that wakes you at night, it improves with increased blood circulation and is associated with chronic injuries, menstrual disorders, fibroids, and spider veins.

If you are feeling and experiencing this type of excruciating bodily pain, please give us a call to schedule your appointment right away! No one should have to live like this. Our acupuncturist Dan Clark has done wonders to be able to improve the health and wellness of many people who have fibromyalgia. His goal is to increase the quality of life in all his patients. If you are you know someone who needs help increasing their abilities through these methods, please don’t hesitate to refer them to our acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments. Dan Clark has patients come from several outside states, just to see and experience and have the results that they want. Dan is welcoming and always looking to help more people.

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