Digestion is a complex task performed by the body. It begins in the mouth and finishes when the ingested food leaves the body through the rectum. For all we have learned over the years regarding digestion, there is still so much more we don’t know or are still learning. For example, it wasn’t until recently, the last 10 years or so, that modern medicine confirmed our gastrointestinal tract is our second brain. This discovery is drastically changing the way the body and its many functions are viewed, because everything we put in our mouths can potentially have life-altering effects on the mind, as well as the body. 

Digestivedisorders are rampant in the United States. Surveys estimate nearly 70 millionpeople in the United States are affected by some sort of digestive disorder.This could be anything from gallstones to acid reflux to pancreatitis. Formany, these disorders are extremely debilitating. But for every person dealingwith a debilitating digestive disorder, there are thousands more that justassume everything they are experiencing is “normal.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is just one of the many wayspeople can deal with their digestive disorders. TCM is a very old medicalsystem that utilizes many different modalities to treat imbalances in the body.Acupuncture is just one of the modalities that can be used. More and morestudies about the effectiveness of acupuncture are being performed every day,many of which hold great promise for those who suffer from digestiveissues.            

Acupuncturehelps with digestion because it treats the person holistically, meaning allparts are considered when treatment is rendered. There is no compartmentalizingas in Western medicine. So, a person being treated by a licensed acupuncturistor TCM practitioner will not only notice changes in their digestive issues, butthey may also notice changes in their psyche too. And since the mind and bodyare closely connected, this can be very beneficial for the patient.

Studies have shown acupuncture can stimulate peristalsis in theintestinal tract. This is very helpful for people who deal with chronicconstipation. In as few as one to two treatments, a person suffering fromchronic constipation may find relief.           

Nausea and vomiting are another frequent problem associated withdigestion. Acupuncture and even acupressure are wonderful tools for calming theupset stomach. One acupressure point on the underside of the forearm has beenstudied extensively just for this function. In most cases, the nausea andvomiting are greatly decreased or stopped altogether.          

Bloatingis another common problem associated with the digestive tract. This can becaused by eating too much food or improper digestion. Acupuncture treatmentshelp the digestive process of breaking down foods without the excess gas thatfrequently causes bloating.

Diarrhea isn’t just a problem that occurs when somebody issuffering from the stomach flu. In fact, it is much more common than manypeople think. Acupuncture treatments can help resolve diarrhea by clearingeither excess heat or excess dampness from the digestive tract, while alsostrengthening it.            

Ifyou are curious about how acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can helpyou with your digestive issues, ask us! We are happy to guide you along yourhealing journey.