Deep Relief Herbal Bag (Provider bags)


These bags are available for providers or practitioners to resell to their patients in their clinics for the variety of conditions and symptoms they might be experiencing. These bags have the ability for each individual provider to put their own logo and label on them. They arrive blank for you to place your own label on them and resell asap. The last picture is an example of our own clinic’s labels on them for distribution amongst our own patients.

The Deep Relief Herbal Bag consists of Sichuan Peppercorn that helps target a variety of issues and illnesses. They’re good for fibromyalgia pain, arthritis, colds, allergies, and mold exposure that causes sinus issues. With this all-natural herbal remedy, you’ll start feeling the results begin to help you ease your symptoms in a holistic and natural way that makes you feel good. Read the instructions on the back of the bag or below to apply them for your different cases in the most effective way.


*** Warm herbal bag on a wok, pan, etc. DO NOT Microwave, because it tends to burn the bag. ***

  • Colds – Heat the bag and apply the heat and massage over the neck area.
  • Allergies –  Same application as Colds (listed above) and use as a pillow insert
  • Fibromyalgia pain or Pain that moves around – Heat the bag and apply the heat and massage over the neck area or the area that is in pain.
  • Arthritis – pain that feels heavy such as arthritis pain should be treated by heating the bag and apply the heat on the affected area.


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