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How to get pregnant faster and tips on maximizing fertility: 

When a couple encounters trouble conceiving, they might have faced infertility problems, whether it was on a male or female problem, there are some signs and symptoms of not being able to get pregnant.  

Trying to conceive for a year without success

Your partner has already been off from any birth control but is still unable to get pregnant from having sex regularly. 

After six months of intercourse without getting pregnant over 35, you might have encountered infertility problems.

Infertility is not a permanent problem in a holistic approach, but infertility symptoms can be cured after many acupuncture treatments. 

If couples start seeing symptoms of infertility during the fertilization window after having sexual intercourse, consider seeing doctors or professional practitioners in the area. For example, patients who were troubled to conceive and to see signs of not being able to get pregnant were getting their pregnancy symptoms after their acupuncture treatment at Lotus Spring Acupuncture & Wellness.

Heavy period

When your period duration seems longer, and the odor and color start to appear different than usual, it’s a warning that you are not being able to get pregnant any time soon, especially if you’re bleeding more blood clots or experiencing a painful period than usual.

Irregular period

It is a good indicator of a regular menstrual cycle when your period is constant. The menstrual cycle usually lasts 28 to 35 days. When your menstruation becomes irregular after a few months, it’s time to start thinking about not being able to get pregant.

When your period starts to change, and it is hard to keep track, you might encounter PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), ovulation problems, or hormone problems that are the roots of infertility that make you unable to get pregnant. 

Ejaculation Problems

Struggling from not being able to get pregnant can come from the male side, especially, Infertility problem occurs in men when he has a problem in ejaculating during their sexual intercourse. Sometimes, these problems occur due to mental health problems or physical changes in the body. Occasionally, it happens due to irregular blood pressure, diabetes, injury, or surgery. 

Ideally, when men encounter infertility problems, it causes their partner trouble in not being able to get pregnant. It is recommended to see a doctor or an acupuncturist who can help balance the hormonal level in his body by using the acupuncture method. 

Testicle Swelling or Pain

Swelling or soreness in your testicles might indicate a medical issue such as torsion, infection, damage, or cancer, all of which can result in infertility. It can also cause issues with testosterone production, which can cause infertility and your partner not being able to get pregnant.

Having more than one miscarriage

Not being able to get pregnant can cause emotional distress to any couple. However, a healthy mom also needs a healthy mindset.

Dealing with pregnancy loss can be hard, we are having an emotional support group on social media to help you through this journey and hope you know that you are not the only person who faces this issue, and it can be fixed. 

Tips on being healthier for your pregnancy

When we see symptoms of not being able to get pregnant, the mom and the family can prepare their mental health and physical health to boost the chance of getting pregnant.

A number of strategies for both men and women:

  • Avoid stress: Mental health is important, when we stress, stress hormone got released and it can cause blockage to our energy and to our fertilize system.
  • Avoid drug/ addicted subtance: it is not right way or wrong way to consume addicted subtance, however, when you are trying to get pregnant, we can reduce the usage amount daily for a healthier being.
  • Excercise more: Your physical health is important and exercise helps you to have a better well being. Also, working out boost your immune systems and your energy.

These are some tips to help you prevent the situation of not being able to get pregnant! Follow our newsletter for more!


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