Skeptic Turns Believer in Acupuncture

I used to think that this form of medical training and treatment was just a hoax and that people who were getting it, were just believing in hope so much that it “made a difference.” However, here’s why I really like getting needles stuck into my body. No, really: Acupuncture can have numerous benefits, and here’s why I have seen miracles happen and have turned from skeptic to believer.

Why I really like Acupuncture

If you’re unacquainted acupuncture, here’s the shortest explanation: It’s a sort of medicine during which acupuncturists stick needles into your body to reinforce nature’s process of self-healing by stimulating specific areas of your anatomy.

Sound insane? Maybe. But, to be fair, in Western medicine, doctors regularly stick needles into your body and patients don’t provides it a reconsideration. When it involves acupuncture, though, most Americans are wary. The technique is predicated on Chinese medicine and therefore the belief that our bodies are controlled by different flows of energy. When a specific flow is broken, the body reacts negatively, which suggests migraines, rashes, or other issues could arise.

I think that for those folks conversant in Western medicine, which relies strictly on tangible evidence, the concept of unseen elements at play in our bodies is suspicious. I used to be equally hesitant about acupuncture until I started working for the acupuncture clinic and seeing the miraculous results the acupuncturist, Dan Clark, was having with his patients. I work on his marketing, writing blogs and articles like this one, where I help give information in the English language and in the most simplistic wording so most everyone can understand. Lord knows that I am one of those people who don’t do good with trying to understand medical terms! I need them presented in a way where I can relate that information back to someone else (not just word for word). I read his Google reviews, talked with his patients and saw that when it came to this new form of medical treatment (at least new to me), that it was really working! He never had to prescribe addictive and unnatural pills, and always promoted self-healing through the power of the body’s capabilities. All I’ve ever seen is ways that lead to surgery, pill popping and temporarily symptoms being relieved only to come back later on for more follow up appointments.  

I decided to offer it an attempt. As a digital marketer, my body is anesthetizing a weird kind of strain. I sit at a desk, hunched over a keyboard all day, while my right arm conducts thousands of micro-movements with a mouse. I have shooting pain in my wrists, aches in my back, and every one the stretching within the world wouldn’t fix it. Everything I’d been told about acupuncture suggested it had been ideal for cases like mine. I mean if people can go see Dan Clark for chronic illnesses that seem incurable, I can go in for a little hand and back discomfort.

On my first visit, the acupuncturist and that I talked about what was bothering me, took my pulse, diagnosed my possible conditions from looking at my tongue then, I was led to a flat patted the table, where I closed my eyes. I didn’t feel the needles getting into at all; once I glanced down at my wrist, I used to be totally surprised to ascertain several micro-thin needles protruding of me. There was no bleeding, no pain, and no discomfort. Much easier than what I originally thought.

Acupuncture works for a number of issues. The downside, though, is that it’s not a fast fix. It can take a few treatments to start seeing a small progress. However, on average it’s an enduring solution and one that won’t get your body hooked into opioids or other prescriptions, and two will actually start taking care of the problem instead of just masking your systems. I’ve heard incredible stories of people who were helped by the treatment, and there’s an opportunity it could assist you, but it’ll take time depending on your situation. Whenever I visited my acupuncturist, I could anticipate about 45 minutes to an hour of relaxation and therefore the guidance of somebody who truly cared about making me feel better. Acupuncture is often an efficient sort of healing, and it might be the solution for what ails you. So, don’t knock it till you try it! Cause, in the end, you’ll see acupuncture works!

Written by: Kason D. Olson

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