Telehealth Case Studies: Herbal Diagnosis WORKS!

Lotus Spring Acupuncture and Wellness Inc. Telehealth Herbal Diagnosis Introduction: 


Lotus Spring Acupuncture and Wellness Inc. wants to help and serve everyone in the community. One way we do this, is we offer Telehealth in the form of a health examination, however, the biggest part of the examination is Chinese tongue diagnosis.

Through our Telehealth herbal diagnosis, the tongue is actually the guide that reflects what is going on in the body. A normal tongue is a pale red with a thin white coat, normal-sized, moist, and has no cracks. If it is different from that, there could be some impairment of the body’s function. Let’s break down some of these conditions and go over a couple of case studies to show what we can do to help you, through Telehealth Herbal Diagnosis. 

Telehealth Herbal Diagnosis Case study #1:

In this case study, a female patient’s main complaint was life-long eczema and allergies. She was unable to breathe through her nose and couldn’t sweat. She has Chronic sinusitis; itchy red eyes with yellowish “goo”; blocked eustachian tubes; yellow mucus; some yellow exudate; and a previous herbal practitioner used “Long Dan Xie Gan Tang” which made her eczema worse and caused lot more problems. Which included more loose stools and GI discomfort; thirst with little desire to drink; concentrated urine; slight anxiety; poor appetite; low energy; and she ends up with numerous allergies and has a history of living in mold.

Through our Telehealth herbal diagnosis, we examined her tongue, which looked dusky meaning the tongue has some purple in the color. We view this tongue turning purple as a condition called blood stagnation, or in other words, her blood is not flowing properly to certain areas of the body.

As diagnosis was given to address this issue, it was found that the main issue was the lungs and digestive system, which was the reason why this female patient was experiencing these symptoms. A formula of Sheng Mai San, Mao Dong Qing, and Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang, was given to address these issues. 

2 weeks later her tongue showed more redness rather than the dusky color. Her symptoms were mild resulting in the calming of eczema, but still experiencing the itchy side effects of it while still having difficulty breathing through her nose. Improvements in her health at the two-week mark included her energy increasing, her appetite was better, her urine was less concentrated and more clear, her bowels were still loose but having “normal” BM’s here and there. Since she was wasn’t fully recovered at this point, she was given a slight modification in her personalized formula to address the lungs (allergies) and excess phlegm. 

 2 weeks afterward, her tongue was paler and a slight white coat. Her symptoms eczema were getting slightly better, the crusting was gone, her eyes are “much better,” the mucus in her eyes and nose is now cleared up, her BM’s are regular and easy to pass, her shoulders and face were improving and she began to be able to sweat here and there. However, one symptom that still was persistent was that she was still somewhat itchy. Although most of her symptoms and blood flow have been resolved, this is an ongoing case at this point, and we are still monitoring her progress. 

Telehealth Herbal Diagnosis Case study #2:

A Female patient called in to use our Telehealth herbal diagnosis, who has Rheumatoid Arthritis. When on a very restrictive diet, her digestion feels good (though no change in pain). Otherwise, she has been experienced diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fullness (bloating) with many foods. Based on these conditions, the 8 stage approach (fibro/autoimmune protocol) to eliminate pains was utilized. However, she was still having digestive sensitivity and complained of an extremely dry mouth while having no desire to drink in large quantities (Sjogren’s diagnosis).

Interestingly, although we made a customized herbal formula for her conditions, we had only made about 60-70% headway on her pain levels. That is until we started to address and implement the Qi stagnation stage of her treatment plan (to improve blood flow to certain areas of the body). As we eliminated Qi stagnation (blood stagnation), her pains were resolved completely. However, the symptoms that were still affecting her were that the digestive issues remained and her diarrhea had increased. The patient had also expressed she previously had lots of depression, frustration, irritability, and unresolved emotional issues which is common with RA. 


As we took all the symptoms into consideration and did a thorough tongue diagnosis, her results showed that her condition was associated with her digestive system, particularly with her Spleen and an accumulation of excess mucous and phlegm in the gut.

Original Last Recorded from Telehealth Herbal Diagnosis:

She was then given Shen Ling Bai Zhe San and Microgard Plus to help resolve these issues. The herbs mentioned are designed to strengthen the digestive system, and in this case, the Spleen while also addressing the accumulation of excess mucous and phlegm in her gut. Shen Ling Bai Zhu San is designed for spleen deficiency with dampness that causes diarrhea. Its also used for Wei syndrome (atrophy) which is another feature/goal [weight loss, and to become very thin] this patient had. Microgard Plus helps clear phlegm and dampness, it eliminates food stagnation, and also eliminates stagnation in the gut while also harmonizing it. This particular herb is also great for nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, and in acute issues, it often relieves abdominal discomfort by inducing belching. 

It took about a month, but her diarrhea has been resolved and her food sensitivity has tremendously calmed down. It was also noticed that the papillae on her tongue started to regrow and become the healthy color it’s supposed to be.


These are just a couple of examples to show the benefits of using our remote Telehealth herbal diagnosis through the Chinese tongue diagnosis and herbal therapy to improve one’s health! We hope that although during this time to uncertainty because of the virus or inability to come to our clinic for whatever reason, that you still feel comfortable using our Telehealth herbal diagnosis system to improve your overall wellness.

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