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What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Whenlooking for an acupuncturist or for other natural healing methods, you may haveheard the term, “Traditional Chinese Medicine.” What is traditional Chinesemedicine and how are Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture linked?

What to Know About Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Thefirst thing to know is that there are a lot of practices that fall under theumbrella of Traditional Chinese Medicine and that acupuncture is just one ofthem! Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient practice built around the ideathat our bodies can heal themselves and that we should treat the whole body,not just one symptom or disease.

Other practices that are considered Traditional Chinese Medicineinclude cupping, herbal remedies, massage, tai chi,  breathing therapy(Qi Gong) and more. The important thingto remember about techniques that are considered Traditional Chinese Medicineis that they focus on balance and harmony within the body.

Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Work?

TraditionalChinese Medicine is a term that covers a lot of different practices, so resultsand effectiveness vary. However, many Traditional Chinese Medicine practiceshave been researched just as thoroughly as Western medicines. The most studiedtreatments are acupuncture and a variety of Chinese herbs. Acupuncture is aneffective and safe pain management treatment and Chinese herbs can be used fora number of things including trouble with sleeping and anxiety.

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine?

It isclear that Traditional Chinese Medicine does not bring on any of the negativeside effects that many Western treatments or prescription drugs entail.However, Western medicine does play an important role in some conditions and,for many people, Traditional Chinese Medicine can help ease the negativeimpacts of Western medicine.

Recentstudies have shown that acupuncture can help to relieve the pain fromchemotherapy treatments and ease the negative side effects that occur aftertreatments.

TraditionalChinese Medicine is a great first line of defense against disease and illness.It helps us treat our bodies as one, whole functioning system. Additionally, ifyou do need Western medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine is a beneficialcomplementary therapy to be used alongside treatments and can help reducenegative impacts.

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