Have you heard of your “second brain”? While you are probably familiar with your central
nervous system, made up of our brain and your spinal cord, you might not have heard of the
“brain” in your stomach. Your brain-gut connection has a bigger impact on your health and wellness then you might think!

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New research shows that our brain health, overall wellness and gut are moreconnected than
we ever thought possible. Chemicals in your gut can impact the chemicals inyour brain and vise
versa. For example, a large portion of your body’s serotonin, a chemical thatcontributes to
feelings of happiness and well-being, is produced in the gut.

While Western medicine is just catching on to the importance ofthe brain-gut connection, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) have known this for centuries. Those who have studied TCM know that the bodyis connected and that you cannot treat one symptom without
addressing the body as a whole system.

Western medicine often focuses on rooting out the bad ordestroying whatever is ailing you.
Unfortunately, this can do more harm than good because when you attack a virusor bacteria,
you often kill the good bacteria and cells in your body as well. Instead ofgoing into attack mode,
TCM helps your body heal itself by cultivating a healthy, robust microbiome“garden”.

Are you curious about your own microbiome and how it might beimpacting your health? Watch
this video to learn more about the world of microbes inside your body and contact us tosee how
you can improve your health by cultivating your own “garden”.

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